What do you want to see in Skyrim DLC

Hey guys what do you want to see in Skyrim DLC? I would love it if they had a DLC with the Moot for any of you who don't now what the moot is it is where the next high king is selected. My idea is it is held in a secluded castle where all the candidates are kept until the next king is chosen and you are there whether you are protecting someone or are a candidate yourself. but the main thing is political intrigue with bribery, assassination and blackmail. The castle or secluded building would be very old and have secret passages and what not. Kind of like the quest for the dark brotherhood in oblivion where you get put in the house and have to murder everyone but on a larger scale and you wouldn't have to kill every living thing :)
What do you want to see happen?
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  1. COOP mode!

    ...and more arrows to the knees, please!
  2. Orgies
  3. I would like a sexual element as well i believe this would add a great deal more depth to the grame ;) Co-Op mode would be fun as long as it didn't lag although i have my concerns i play on hard and i still find it to easy with Co-Op it would be a walk in the park. They would have to find a way to balance it. Any other ideas.
  4. MOUNTAIN BIKES.....for those long-a** journeys when you don't want to fast travel from the map! That would be the sh**!!!! :D

    Logically, how about guns?
  5. Guns in Skyrim. I believe there is a mod for that and the good thing is it doesn't break lore because they are dwemer (Dwarven) rifles. Horse are quite slow in Skyrim so possibly a new mode of transport. Dragons would be awesome but I doubt that will happen. Maybe mammoth mounts. Keep the ideas rolling guys.
  6. Guns like the MP5, SCAR, shotgun,!! Mammoth mounts would be slower than the horse!
    EDIT: I believe there's a MIG-29 mod?
  7. better NPC dialogues (more depth)

    Taming pets from the wild

    better magic perks ( atm they are so generic and similar to each other there's like no point in all those different trees)

    tier'ed levels of armor smithing in each metal (ie have several grades of dwemer armor)
  8. Morrowind Total Conversion using the Creation Engine.
  9. Yes diffrent grades of armour would be brillinat. I doubt that modern guns would be put in the dlc as it breaks lore. Mammoth mouts would be slower but possibly they could fight such as charge and knock over enemies. I agree the magic system is pretty weak and they should have more diversity in the spell available as well as the perks. Also summoning more than one summon at a time would be good. Keep it going all these ideas have been great.
  10. you can have 2 summons if you max conjuration, I agree it's pretty restrictive, I remember in neverwinter nights I was able to have a familiar and two summoned creatures with my wizard.
  11. Yes you can but as stated getting the perks is almos pointless bar a few of the very last ones. They should completely rehaul the magic gameplay in my opinion thoughts.
  12. I need the R.P.G
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    1. Enchantable or creatable arrows using frost, fire and void salts would all be nice. As an archer I want to be able to make my arrows that take out those pesky elder dragons -.-

    2. More minerals/armour

    3. Less difficulty curb between apprentice and adept that is an absolute b**ch

    4. If there we're to be mammoth mounts it would be cool of you could fire arrows off of the back while riding.
    And they are my suggestions :)
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  15. They ae all good perhaps the mammoth could also fight such as a charge option. There are also not enough minerals but keep in mind this is a DLC not a complete overhaul of the entire game. Craftable arrows there are mods for that which work like a charm well thats if you use a PC ;)
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