Source engine games randomly freeze/loop audio

This has been a reoccurring issue with Valve games on my PC for quite some time. For instance I will be playing Portal 2 and the game will freeze and loop audio for about 5 seconds(sometimes longer sometimes shorter). It is really annoying especially when it happens on TF2/CS. Is there any suggestions that someone can give me to hopefully fix this "bug".

My specs are:
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
AMD Phenom II 965 x4
4gb of ram
GTX 550 ti
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  1. Have you tried verifying the game files for each game?
  2. run compatibility mode and disable visual themes, also switch your windows audio quality to 44100hz from 48000hz.

    if that doesn't help, try limiting the game exe to one core only using the task manager
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