Battlefield 3 not working, need help

I've had BF3 for around a week on my pc and everything has been working fine until tonight. When I try to join a server the little box on the bottom left says its trying to join server, a popup from origin says that Battlefield 3 is launching...And then nothing happens..The "Joining Server" thing on the bottom left dissapears and acts like I never clicked on anything. I've tried restarting origin, my pc, BF3, I have the latest drivers.....I need help! I want to play Battlefield 3, and I cant
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  1. I quickly Googled the problem and someone said "Have you tried using the repair install function through Origin"
  2. Did that, I've been googling and youtubing this for a while and no luck
  3. which browser are you using and have you made sure the plugins are installed and enabled?.
  4. does it say "you were disconnected from ea online (1)" if so all you can do is wait until the servers are accessible, i had this issues a couple of days ago, but i is fine now, i think they are updating, and it only affects a small number of people at a time so the majority can still play.
  5. I use google chrome. Also it doesn't give me error messages. It just loads for a bit and than stops, as if nothing happened. Origin gives me a message that battlefield is loading and battlelog gives me a message that its "Joining Server"..But then it loads for like 5 mins and than it stops and nothing happens
  6. try ie in some cases its more stable than chrome.
    but make sure you have the plugins.
    also right click in origin on the game to repair install it... it takes about a minute to verify your files. then if it has to patch or something it will take what ever it takes.
  7. reinstall the game. paste the crack
    Now rename the bf3 app into "bf3tm" and rename the "bf3.par" file into "bf3tm.par". enjoy the game. I 've solved the same problem this way.
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