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can someone tell me how to get the mods in skyrim to work
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  1. Assuming you are using steam workshop, you should just have to subscribe to a mod.
  2. read the instructions :)
  3. if you are using the nexus mod manager you have to open skyrim through nexus
  4. If you are using steam you just find the mod you want click subscrib the n play skyrim check loaded files if it is not ticked tick it. If you get the mod of skyrim nexus then you need to manually place the files in the skyrim directory.
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    Its actually quite simple, unless you're experiencing a specific problem in particular.

    1. Start Steam
    2. Click on Skyrim Workshop on the Skyrim game page
    3. Browse through the mods
    4. If you like a particular mod, click on "subscribe"
    5. Run the game

    If all goes well, the Skyrim launcher will load and the bottom part of the screen will show a message saying that it is installing the mod.
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