New to PC Gaming (Need help on building one)

Hello Guys!

I'm quite new to PC gaming and I know nothing about it. I decided to invest some money on building one. This probably gets asked a lot but I'm looking to build one in the $$600-$800 range. I want to be able to run current games (if possible) such as BF3, Crysis 2 in Ultra/High settings. Your recommendations are appreciated!

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  1. Hi :)

    Not enough money for graphics cards alone cost a lot more than that...medium maybe...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Hi

    Thanks for the reply Brett! If I want to play on Ultra settings (w/o lag and w/ decent amount of fps) how much would it cost me? I'm also a cinematographer and would love to edit videos on it (currently using a Mac).

  3. Move to new build area and fill in

    And yes I think for $800 u would be able to make a build for ultra w/ those games.
  4. This isn't usually the best place for this question, but you might take a look at the system builder articles. The have a budget build that costs $650 (probably a little less today). You could probably upgrade the CPU from the listed i3 to an i5, and maybe even get a little better GPU as well.

    Here is their budget build:,3159.html

    However, you are likely best off looking here for input:

    It's a forum section dedicated to helping build systems.
  5. Hi!

    I apologize for posting on the wrong section :3. Thanks for your help guys I really appreciate it. I'll try and post a thread in that section. Thanks!

  6. No problem, and good luck with the new build. You should check out some of the other helpful posts. There are a few asking the same question you did with similar budgets.
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