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I was getting dll error while loading nfs most wanted game. So I tried dll-fixer from Fixer - The game was loaded successfully.But after which I was unable to use side arrows keys in any game. Whether it's online flash game or offline game like nfs. Whenever I press side arrow key alongwith accelerator (i.e. up key)the car just stops.If i press only side key the car turns. Also the arrow keys work fine when typing or scrolling or doing normal computer stuff.Like if you press a key to type a letter it works, but if you press a key to move in any game, it doesn't work. It seems to be something about how the keys are registered.This is NOT keyboard related, but computer related. I also tried changing the controller settings of side arrow keys with other keys such WASD, and many other keys. But still the same problem remains. I have uninstalled dll-files fixer but still the problem remains. Please help me out.
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  1. Maybe the best thing is to not download any .dll fixers. Whether its from a trusted site or not, you should'nt let online programs mess with the systems .dll files period. And it is also a good way for a site to infect your PC with spyware or malware, virus ect... I suggest you run a malwarebytes scan, its free.

    Also i would goto device manager, select "Human Interface Devices" and uninstall the keyboard and mouse driver. Then un-plug and re-plug it in to reinstall the drivers.
  2. what key bored do you have it might not be compatibale with you pc
  3. You can do a windows repair for dll files. I agree with wonder44, don't download dll files from websites. Also, if there is a driver for your keyboard try downloading it from the manufacturer's website
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