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posted this in the graphics forum 3 days ago; hopefully someone here will be able to help.


I will do my level best to keep this as concise and clear as possible, but as I have been working on this for a month, and I don’t want to waste anyone’s time by having already tried something that they may suggest, it may run a bit long.

Anyhoo: I purchased an old game, Pax Romana (2002), and having a hell of a time getting it to work properly on any of the 3 laptops that I have. I have succeeded at making it work on my desktop, but it took using a virtual XP sp2 to do it. I want to play this particular game on a laptop, however.

I have tried partitioning so as to dual-boot XP in conjunction w/ both Vista and 7; this has not been successful. I have also directly installed XP onto both Dell and Toshiba (Studio 1537 and Satellite, respectively), also unsuccessfully. I have also created virtual XP installs on those same laptops, using both Vista and 7-unsuccessfully. I have also imaged working installations from 2 different desktops, one w/ 7 and one w/ XP, and unsuccessfully attempted to ‘restore’ them onto a laptop, using Acronis 2012 universal restore; unsuccessful. Finally, I went through the process of downgrading the Dell Studio 1537 to an XP sp2 state; also unsuccessful.

The nature of the unsuccessful status is slightly variable; with the downgraded Dell the game installs and loads, unless I install sp3, at which point it goes to BSOD when I try to do anything w/ the game. Generally, the major stumbling block to success is the same: I get the game successfully installed and running, except that the textures are rendered terribly. Rather than the nice, solid coloring that I ought to see, the games textures resemble something like what you would see if you saw a low-quality MRI, or such like. Interestingly, this only applies to the map of the Mediterranean world, whereas the in-game menus look as they are supposed to. It may help to know that my desktop running 7 runs this perfectly on virtual XP sp2, so it seems that there is something fundamental to the laptop architecture that is causing the texture difficulties. It may also be useful to know that these laptops successfully run more modern games that require 3D rendering, like Grand Ages: Rome.

I think that about covers it; in short-I need help getting either an actual XP sp2, or a virtual XP sp2, to render textures correctly on fairly contemporary laptops.

Thank you
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  1. I am sorry that nobody on the graphics forum left you hanging. I also hang on that forum and I didn't see your post. I try to answer the post that no one has tried to help.

    But I am not sure what and why it isn't working unless it is a direct X problem. You would think that you could run it in compatibility mode. Have you tried win 98 to see if that works?

    I have a few links for you to check out and just maybe one will help you. It is not much but it should get you going in the right direction. I wish you the best of luck on this. Cheers
  2. DM186,

    Thank you for your sentiment, and your links; actually, I had just decided that I am going to try '98, NT, and 2000 if necessary.

    First, however, I am going to explore the links that you have provided.

    Thanks, again; enjoy.
  3. You are welcome and I wish and hope you find the fix. Good luck to you.
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