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Hello, I purchased a new desktop computer Sept. 2010. I got an HP i7 - 860; 8GB Ram, 512 Graphics Ram, 1TB Hard drive; with Windows 7 OS. I put Microsoft Security Essentials on it as Anti-Virus. However, it is so slow! In fact, I have screenshot after screenshot of white page taking a minute, two minutes of white page before bringing up a normal bookmarked website. I have full screenshots with 5 minutes of white page. Took shot and then 5 minutes later, took 2nd shot of same white page with time and date stamp. It came up after about 6 minutes. I can post these if necessary with time and date stamp for proof.

I finally read somewhere to turn off the Windows Firewall(built into Windows 7). I still have the Microsoft Security Essentials fully activated on the machine and scans and updates as normal. I also have a hard-wired 4-port Lynksys Router in the loop(no wireless at my house). OMG! Windows 7 is blazingly-lightning fast now! It really screams along and only a brief flash of white page to sites I've never been before. The sites I go to everyday are there before I even call them up! It's just amazing how fast it is now.

My question, how important is the Windows Firewall being turned off? How save is my computer without the Windows Firewall? Am I protected well enough with a hard-wired router and Security Essentials of Microsoft's free program? Somehow, Windows Firewall is tamping down the internet speed so that it's intolerable to wait through the time delay. Thanks to everyone for all your terrific help! You Rock!
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  1. It seems strange to me that the Windows Firewall would slow down your web browsing that much. I've never seen that long of a delay with WF turned on. Regardless, I would install a free firewall like Comodo as a backup. While a router is a very good protective mechanism, a software firewall running on the machine is never a bad idea. If you do go for Comodo (there are other free firewalls out there), make sure you get just the firewall. They also have a separate antivirus solution, as well as package with both the firewall and antivirus combined. Since you are already running MSE, Comodo's AV solution is not necessary.
  2. The only thing I can think of that would involve the Firewall slowing down your PC is if a lot of things are getting blocked by the firewall. It could also be a compatibility problem with other software you have installed.
  3. Hi Shadow, It's pretty much a naked PC. When I heated it up the first time, neither my printer would work, nor my scanner, not even my external Seagate HD. No newer drivers so have to buy new peripherals. The only thing that didn't come in the box were the speakers I put it to. Downloaded normal software to it; EditPad Lite, gif viewer Irfanview, Zip file, Print Screen program, Paint Shop Pro, Google Earth and a couple of font managers, plus MSE anti-virus(first). I was just stunned at how slow it was. It is much faster now with the firewall turned off but does concern me with less protection. I will try Prophecy's Comodo firewall soon. And try to post screenshots, maybe. Thanks, you folks don't realize how important you are!!!

    ps. still haven't put anything to it; a printer or external to it but need to do a back-up soon! small successes make me smile :) Thank you!
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    Going to see if this works. This white page was just prior to turning off Windows Firewall. Every site I went to had long periods of white page before coming up. Had presence of mind to take screenshots of this time delay going to your site. Nothing to do with you, every site had white page delay, some super long. You are welcome to delete this. Just wanted you to see the delay. Without firewall turned on...........Windows 7 now very, very fast!! Yea!
  5. Interesting. I've never seen this happen before. Have you tried enabling the Firewall after installing AdBlock Plus?
  6. notice that you're waiting for

    I'm sure if you turn on add-block of the sort, you won't get the slow pages.

    I have no issues with Windows Firewall.

    Ma'b you have a firewall rule to block, which will cause your browser to timeout waiting on the ads to load. A time out is typically about 60 seconds.
  7. How do I do turn off How do I turn off anything that will slow my speed down? How do I turn off any thing that will slow the speed of Windows 7??? I put this to Windows.......please teach us!!!!!! I think you are pointing fingers!
  8. PleaseHelp Windows 7 Users.....Something is slowing this rodeo down in the WEST...just asking? This is what we need to know, WIn 7. Something is stopping us from enjoying all about your Operating System????
  9. I am asking....please How do I turn ad block off??
  10. Kewlx25 said:
    notice that you're waiting for

    I'm sure if you turn on add-block of the sort, you won't get the slow pages.

    I have no issues with Windows Firewall.

    Ma'b you have a firewall rule to block, which will cause your browser to timeout waiting on the ads to load. A time out is typically about 60 seconds.

    Sorry, i'm not waiting for anything. How do I get rid (rid) ((rid)) (((rid))) of and
  11. Holy crap, Batman! Talk about impatient. I'm not up at 1am sunday morning watching forums, I'm in bed spooning with my wife.

    I was saying, you need to turn ad-block on. You're getting ads from doubleclick/etc and for some reason, Windows Firewall is blocking those sites on your computer. It doesn't do that on mine, so something you installed/changed is affecting it.

    Anyway, either you browser needs to not try to connect to those web sites, or you need to fix the firewall to not block them.
  12. Easiest way I've found to block them is:

    a) Download Firefox and install the Adblock Plus extension for it


    b) modify your hosts file to block any and all connections from those domains.
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    Install this adon to Firefox:

    Using a custom host file would also work, but installing AdBlockPlus is much simpler esp. when it comes to not having to worry about upgrading/changing your host files every few weeks.
  14. Thanks everybody! I downloaded Shadow's Adblockplus and then turned Windows Firewall on again. It seems to be faster than before........... This is good! Haven't researched the doubleclick as yet. Maybe I won't need to?? Sorry I was so impatient. I thought someone would blame the slowness on something else and not give a solution(adblockplus) but you all came through! I just kind of panicked there.......Sorry. I wonder why the original Firefox download didn't include this adblock as stated in one of the post? I downloaded Firefox 2nd day out of box so don't know if it was fast prior to that. It was so slow prior that I was going to return it to store. UGH! I will keep playing with it and make sure it stays fast. Thanks again!

    Glad to know we can post screenshots for show and tell. Thank You All including Spooner! hehe!
  15. AdBlock Plus is an addon. This way the user has the choice of installing it or not.

    As for DoubleClick, they are a advertising company. There servers are REALLY slow in some cases which may explain your problem as the loading of the ads was pausing the rest of the loading and the page won't load unless the adds were loaded. I HATE ADS!

    PS: You may also want to check out NoScript. It takes a while to set up properly, but it blocks all kinds of scripts that may load with out your knowledge. Be warned, this program is not for the novice.
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