Another post, asking for a good mouse recommendation

I play Skyrim, Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft, SW:ToR, Batman Arkham City, Civ 5, Anno 2070.

Currently using a Logitech wired Trackball, it's the only type of mouse I've used in the last 15 years...but I'm over it now and ready to go back to a regular mouse.

Thinking about either the Corsair Vengeance M90 (but newegg users gave it horrible reviews) or the Logitech g9x.

I'm open to suggestions as long as it's not crazy expensive (ie >$150) but it has to be a wired mouse. I would mainly just like to have the extra buttons and more speed, but nothing too crazy (I don't think I need 20 buttons on a mouse).

any suggestions would be amazing =D

thanks in advance
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    razer naga... now hate on the mouse like always people. it is a good mouse though. forget the 12 buttons on side, it itself fits great in the hand, and 5600dpi, its real responsive. i love mine so much i have two, one for a backup if they go out of production
  2. The molten edition would look nice with my CM storm trooper case... however it doesn't have a DPI switch and is the software any good? I hear the Corsair M90 software is crap
  3. you dont need a dpi switch. i set mine at 3700 and never looked back. and i did that with the software, so it is acceptable. cannot say too much because all i had in past were $15 logitech budget mice. just start with factory defaults and go up or down 500 dpi until you think it feels right
  4. I would have to say the razer naga as well according to games you play.
  5. So I went to B&H today and they only had the Logitech g9x which they refused to open one so I could try it out, told me I had to purchase it. I think I'm going to have to go to BestBuy to try one out, but so far after taking a close look at the key layouts I'm leaning towards the Naga Molten or Naga Hex Red. I really like the way the Naga Molten looks, but the Naga Hex has a better button layout for me since my thumbs are very flat and are over 1.5in wide. I'll probably be hitting too many buttons with the regular Naga, but I really hate the color schemes of the Naga Hex. I looked at the button layout of the Corsair M90 and I feel my hands are way too big to be able to hit all the buttons, especially the ones closest to the back.

    What do you guys think of the CM Storm Inferno Mouse?
  6. It seems you have a better feeling of the razer naga mouses. Do you think you will be able to efficiently press the buttons on the inferno mouse? I think the naga's are much more intuitive to use.
  7. To be honstest I'm kind of overwhelmed. I've spent the last year and a half studying and learning how to build a computer and I put my first computer together about a week ago and I'm feeling overwhelmed. I've read literally thousands of reviews from Tom's Hardware, Anandtech, JohnnyGuru and some others not worth mentioning too much on components over the last year. To be honest I was ready to upgrade when bulldozer came out but it was so bad that I just wanted for IVB.

    At this point I'm just tired of doing product research and I just want an awesome mouse to enjoy with my awesome system.... I think I just might buy the Molten Naga this weekend and maybe even a new keyboard as well.
  8. Good, you have made your decision. It's better to be knowledgeable in what your getting than getting stuff without some research.
  9. yes, get the naga. its great, and best buy has 30 day return policy.
  10. jw, what are your other specs? just add them to your sig. its easier, nobody asks because they know.
  11. i did add it to my sig but it doesn't pop up.
  12. nevermind, i guess it just doesn't add it to old posts
  13. Hmm, I always found trackballs much quicker and easier to use. I used the Kensington trackballs.
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