Homeworld 1 graphical woes


I recently found my old copy of the original homeworld and thought I'd play through the campaign again (I never finished it, only got to the before-last mission)

I'm having a ton of problems though. I have a 6870x2 graphics card, and I can force anti-aliasing w/o any trouble, but whereas everything in the game runs smoothly..ship animations are really choppy.

The problem gets worse when I want to zoom in on a ship while it's docking and see the relative motion between the ship and the mothership become all choppy.

Is there anyone in this wide world that can help me?

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  1. Lol wow, Ummm, may want to invest in a new graphics card, doesn't have to be anything fancy at all, doesn't take much to run Homeworld 1 but that should help with the choppy animations.
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