Windows 7 hangs and BSOD on startup screen

I restarted my computer (asus g73jh) because the touchpad was getting stuck again and when the computer started shutting down there was a series of rapid updates on a black screen with a w7 logo. When the computer started back up it would load to the screen that said starting windows and the 4 balls would form the windows logo and then the computer would hang there for maybe 15-30 seconds and then it would do a quick bsod, to quick to read, and then restart. So i cant boot into my pc and have tried various fixes and none seem to work. Does anyone have a soloution?
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  1. ok! after running safe mode the hang up and bsod appear to occur after loading the driver classpnp.sys. if this helps anyone help me lol
  2. I've got the exact same problem, After replacing video card, started locking at pulsing 4 window start up screen, so far I've Reinstalled removed video brd , all bench testing on hardware passed fine, swaped PSU, Kinda ruled out hardware as the problem, Going to put fresh blank drive & reload windows 7 on it, I try to post it.
  3. Looks like a driver problem.

    Why dont you go into windows 7 if you can, in safe mode F8 key !.
    Then do a system restore before the point of any updates were installed.

    See if it works.
  4. Shaun O,

    I think your correct about driver issue but, safe mode locks up also at pnp driver & then bsod .

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