Windows 7 64 bit / IL2 install of mods problem

I've installed my 'IL2 1946' game and now I'm trying to do the mod updates. The updates appear to be installing, but when I run the game the new version splash screen and mod version number do not show up. I've done this process in Windows XP 32 bit on my old computer and had no problems. Can anyone help?
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  1. Sure bro.
    I had the same problem installing the HSFX 4 mod pack to my IL-2 install and the splash screen did not change from the 4.09 patch.
    The fix is to NOT install the sim to the C:Program Files/Ubisoft/IL-2 folders.
    Install it to its OWN folder.

    Here's how -
    1)Uninstall the entire IL-2 sim and patches.
    2) Create a folder in the C: directory called IL-2 or whatever you want but create it directly in the C: directory so it is a stand-alone folder.
    The folder should show up alongside the other C: drive folders such as Program Files, etc. It should look like this C: IL-2

    3) Reinstall the basic sim from the 1946 disc.
    When asked to what directory you want to install the sim to browse to the new folder you created in the C: drive.

    4) Once the basic sim is installed, patch as normal. Fire up the sim and you will see your updated IL-2 sim!


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