urgent: help in applying arctic silver

hi, I need help in applying arctic silver to my cpu/heatsink. The heatsink I have is
"Global Win FOP32-1", it is brand new. On the bottom of the heatsink, there is already some compound there, do I need to remove it and apply the arctic silver paste instead?

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  1. the arctic silver website has excellent instructions. Here they are:


    Yes, you want to clean the bottom of the heatsink so as to remove any other compound, as if you don't, your result will be the combination of the two compounds, and if you believe ASII is better, you won't want it watered down. Remember, less is more with this process. It's tempting to put a good amount of paste on, but more paste will actually reduce conductivity of heat. Spread a half of one pea on the corner of the CPU like they say, and use a razor blade or clean business card to spread a thin hazy layer. Some suggest that you be able to see the CPU core lettering, but that might be too thin! I have installed many heatsinks and ASII is good stuff. Whether its the best is a matter of debate, but I use it now.

    Can't we all just overclock?
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