Overclocking... lifetime/warranty issues

Ok so i'm getting a Geforce3 and i might wanna overclock it a bit or a lot... so i'm just thinking... Will this void my warranty and how will it decrease the lifetime (i will be cooling it appropriately)

And also one more thing... how far can i take it without having to provide additional cooling?

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  1. it will void the warranty... just read the warranty conditions... moo...

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  2. Not only do you void teh warranty, but you also shorten teh lifespan of the chip. A chip is made to last 10-15 years, and OC can make it die within a year, or you may still have it after 3 years. It's a matter of luck really.

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  3. ...Like you're gonna say, "hey I overcloked this thing, did that void my warrenty?"....It's kind of like being pulled over by the cops after you've had a couple beers...."Sir have you had anything to drink tonight?"...."Oh YES I sure have". D'Oh
    Well, it's really stupid, but at least you're honest.

    Reasonable overclocking won't reduce your card's life span,
    but excess heat produced by overclocking will...Always make sure you have proper cooling before overclocking. And
    clock up in small increments and make note of temps.

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