Idle CPU temp at 62C

I just got a Athlon 1333/266 and have a volcanoII HSF on it. Seemed a lot louder than I expected, so have enclosed the whole computer in a cabinet to keep the noise down. Problem is, the idle CPU temp hovers around 62C after about an hour or two (case temp ~39C). I am not overclocking at all (and dont plan to) and the system seems stable but I am still a bit worried about the lifespan of my other components (HD, etc) Should I be worried or is this OK as long as I am not OCing?

Thanks, Dan
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  1. when you say system is enclosed - is there good airflow. A mobo temp of 39 suggest poor air circulation.

    The Volcao 2 seems a little war - but if you are using an Asus motherboard and Asus Probe those temps _could_ be higher than actual.

    Get yourself a copy of motherboard monitor - or a compunurse temperature probe and try to verify the temps. Asus have a history of reporting over temperature on their recent boards.

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  2. Yep, I am getting those temps from MB Monitor...and to answer the circulation question, there is none (it's in a cabinet) Actually, let me rephrase - the case has good circulation - cools down almost immediately when I open the cabinet - but the cabinet keeps the warm air all closed up, which is why the case temp gets so hot... What I am wondering is if there is any problem running at that high temp as long as it doesnt get any higher (am I wrecking other components at that temp?)

  3. Heat degrades everything over time. You'll have to find a good way to circulate air through the cabinet if you feel you have to use it.

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  4. As Crashman says heat is a long term killer. No way to predict what or when though. Hard disks are prone to heating and are probably hardest to live with when they fail due to data loss and downtime/rebuilds.

    Best thing would be to get a couple of large (120mm) fans that would still be fairly quiet to draw fresh air through the cabinet.

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