GTA 4 lag... unbelievable...

Its unbelievable that after so many tries to run this damned game i still cant get over 15fps...

my specs :-
AMD FX-4100




I have no idea why this game just doesnt run on any settings on my pc...
i have installed patch 7 and patch 4

Reinstalled and ran without any patches.. still the same thing...

its also unbelievable that i ran the same freakin disk on my fckd up dual core and it ran smooth on medium settings....

any help ?

gfx memory and other stuff are cool so dont ask me about that guys....

it gives the same result at any temp. ...

PLEASE help if you can...
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  1. What graphics drivers are you using? Did you download fresh drivers from the NVidia website and manually install them or did you let Windows do the work for you?
  2. that is weird, you got a good specs for medium settings with at least a 30fps on patch 7, might be drivers related do you have fps problems with other games?
  3. guys... i have latest drivers... lowest settings....
    i can assure u there is no fault from my side..... there has to be something else that has to be done...
  4. and FYI i have run this game on the highest settings at 30fps smoothly on win7 ultimate 32bit... but on 64bit it isnt running with the exact same pc...
  5. Quote:

    why the hell do i need that ? its all about gpu overclocking !? my card aint overclocked at all..!
  6. its the fx's fault it likes fast cache on the intels but the fx is really really slow which impacts this game more than any other... due to it being badly ported.
    the fx 4100 has very poor single threaded performance and when you use all 4 threads the impact just mounts, purely because of the cache issue which i alluded to earlier.
    all you can really do is increase the gpu load and hope its enough to smooth out the gameplay... chances are it wont though...
  7. but i dont understand 1 thing which is that why was the game running smoothly on the win7 ultimate 32 bit on the same pc 2 weeks ago ?
    i m running f1 2011, alan wake, mass effect 3, fifa 12,fear 3 and some ps2 emulation games smoothly........ on the 64bit
  8. Quote:
    Calm yourself down...

    Show me what model your card is please.

    its a gtx 550ti 1gb ?
  9. Quote:
    That card is preoverclocked.

    Uninstall the latest Nvidia driver, and use this one:

    is that a problem ?
  10. Quote:
    That card is preoverclocked.

    Uninstall the latest Nvidia driver, and use this one:

    are you sure about installing a notebook driver ???
    why do i need that ?
  11. Quote:

    how does the preoverclocking affect whatever its affecting ?
  12. read it...
    so should i do whatever it says ?
    should i uninstall the drivers or not ?
  13. but ... i think i had that same driver.... actually i just updated to the new one...
    the old driver showed me the same results...
  14. i am sure i had it
  15. Try reducing the draw distance in the settings section in the game.
  16. KickAssDude said:
    Try reducing the draw distance in the settings section in the game.

    re read the forum from the beginning
  17. i remember entering some numbers regarding the graphics and the card in a notepad in the gta 4 folder after reading a forum........ does that ring any bells ??
    maybe that would solved the problem ?
  18. oh no... i mean i entered it when i had the 32 bit when it was lagging and it solved the problem....
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