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Ok here's the deal. I've got a P3 Coppermine 650mhz 100mhz FSB (It's a Slot 1 CPU if that makes a difference) I've also got a ASUS P3V4X Motherboard (VIA Apollo Pro 133A Chipset) Have 128Megs PC100 RAM. I've read quite a bit about overclocking but never actually done it. The overclocking is just to tide me over till I save up some more money and can move to an a T-Bird and DDR system running on the nForce chipset. (Assumeing nForce lives up to the hype but that's a subject for another post.) I was hopeing that someone could answer some questions for me.

1.) About how high can I expect to overclock this CPU?
(Yes I know to take it up in slow steps and check for stability.)

2.) What, if any, kind of performance increase can I expect from overclocking? Will the improvement be noticable? If it's not then why bother?

3.) Should I upgrade my RAM to PC133 or PC150? Since it's only a temporary solution, if I do upgrade my RAM, do I really need to get high quality (ie. Critical) or will generic do?

4.) Cooling?....I'm still a little fuzzy. My CPU has a cooling fan built in. Do I need to replace/adjust it? Should I be worried about memory cooling?

5.) General advice? Is there any tips or anything I should be worried about?

Well, if anybody has any advice I'd love to hear it.
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  1. 1) do you know the stepping of the cpu? Should say on the plastic on the slot. Go here to get an idea of what your cou can do according to the code.http://overclockers.cssftware.com/cpudb/index.cfm

    2)Depends, some apps need all the cpu power they can get and your can see the improvement, windows won't seem to run much faster (didn't for me moving from 500mhz P3 to 900mhz Athlon). Games run pretty well on a 650mhz cpu but you may see some improvement there.

    3)Your motherboard officially supports pc133 ram so it won't be a problem putting it in there and you may need to put it in there to get the cpu higher. I assume you want this to be near free performance since you are waiting for your new setup later. You would be able to sell your ram to make up some of the cost for pc133, even pc150 is pretty cheap. This place has good prices on ram from pc133 to pc166. http://www.theoverclockerzstore.com

    4) You need to get better cooling depending on how high you want to go. I asume your cpu is retail? Has the heatsink and fan glued in? It would be tricky to get it off.

    5) Best thing to do is take it one step at a time. No point in buying everything and then find out you didn't need it. The asus mobo looks promising as it lets you select fsb and vcore in the bios or by jumpers and it won't be the limiting factor from running your cpu at higher than 100fsb. Best thing to do is try and overclock without buying anything extra at first. If you can't run at a certain setting try upping the vcore. If that doesn't help then put it back at it was. That would most likely mean it is your ram holding you back.
  2. check out what tom had to say about your mobo, seems good
    "The list of FSB speeds is quite long indeed: 66, 68, 75, 80, 83, 100, 103, 105, 110, 112, 115, 120, 124, 133, 140, 150, 155, 160 and 166 MHz. As the VIA chipset does not bear really high bus speeds, 150 MHz is the fastest setting which works reliably. The core voltage can additionally be modified in 0.05V increments." Looks like you should be getting that pc150 ram as I don't think pc100 would run at 150mhz cas2.
  3. Ok, Thanks.

    Can you clarify something for me? What is stepping? I seem to have missed that in my reasearch....Most of it dealt with OCing with an AMD as the example.

    I'm do a lot of sound editing and a little video editing and encodeing. I also enjoy gameing but I'm basically looking for a way to speed up the work. You are correct when you say the system games pretty well as is.

    From what I've read It seems that trying for 865 or 975 is not out of the question, so I think I'll aim for 975 and get the PC150RAM since the price isn't THAT different from the PC133. Hopefully I can just get generic and it will do fine since I'm not likely to push it over it's limit. Thanks for the site reference on that one.

    Yeah...It was a retail CPU all one slick black case with Intel stamped all over it. (Yuck!) Any idea on getting some pointers on changeing the fan/heatsink if the need arises?

    Well, thanks again for the advice. I appreciate it
  4. Wish I still had my P3 500 so I could tell you exactly where the code is. It should be somewhere on the sides. I'll try and find info about taking the case off the P3 for you.
  5. here's how to remove the heatsink from the P3, looks kind a hard. http://www.thetechzone.com/articles/p3_heatsink_remove.htm
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