Good Solo-Computer games?

I enjoyed playing games such as those from Spiderweb Software, the Half-Life Series, COD: Black Ops, Binding of Isaac, Deus Ex: HR, Diablo 2 to an extent, Knights of the Old Republic, and some other rpg games. However, I also played games such as Vampire Bloodlines: Masquerades, which I did not like; I am not into scary games. Does anybody have recommendations of games that have relatively modern graphics and engaging game-play? I have a Radeon HD 4670 and a AMD Athlon X2 4450E.

Edit: I remember that I played Skyrim, Oblivion, Titan Quest, Torchlight, and Fallout 3 (not New Vegas).
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  1. Do you prefer shooter games more?
  2. Hitman, Just Cause 2, Indie Games, Portal, Dead Space. A bit more action-oriented but fun.
  3. I don't really prefer either shooter games over rpg games as long as the game I play has some mix of game play and story, although I tend to become disinterested quicker if there isn't a solid story behind the game such as Binding of Isaac.

    Edit: I'll start with Hitman: Blood Money. Please feel free to keep suggesting games that I can play on my out-dated computer :D.
  4. Dragon Age: Origins
    Mass Effect trilogy
  5. Yup, the mass effect series is a good one too.
  6. Elder Scroll V : Skyrim
  7. Curzephantom said:
    Elder Scroll V : Skyrim

    He could, but he'll have more fun playing Oblivion, no doubt. Skyrim has a rubbish story.
  8. geekintel said:
    He could, but he'll have more fun playing Oblivion, no doubt. Skyrim has a rubbish story.

    Oblivion sucked I couldn't force myself to finish it. Morrowind was a much better game. Haven't played Skyrim yet though.
  9. Awesome! I have a list of games I can play now, but will I be able to run Metro 2033? I lagged on BF3 on low settings.
  10. Well yes, it's one of the primary game benchmarks. You will probably might have the same issues as BF3
  11. Witcher 2 hands down
  12. morrowind>oblivion>skyrim

    Definitely look at bioshock, I don't normally enjoy SP but that game was fantastic start to finish
  13. Do yourself a favor, play the Mass Effect series, it's amazing. Great mix of gameplay and action, but a GREAT story line and dialogue. It'll keep you interested, entertained and happy for dozens if not hundreds of hours.
  14. ^^ until you get to the ending of the 3rd one...
  15. Witcher series
    STALKER series (ok some parts can be a little scary)
    Hitman series
    Total war series (RTS's but very good and enjoyable ones)
    Bioshock series (preferred the 1st personally)
  16. You didn't like the ending of ME3?
  17. ^^ im pretty sure 99% of the gaming community was in an uproar about it
  18. Really? I honestly haven't heard, can you fill me in? what didn't people like about it?
  19. Google it
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