Same specs, different performance?

I have the nearly the same specs as the guy in this video:, same graphics card, same processor, he has 2GB RAM while I have 4GB, he has Windows XP, I have Windows 7, I don't get why he has much better performance in Dead Rising 2 than me, I even tried a lower resolution with the same settings as in the video, still lower performance than him, I'm planning on upgrading my graphics card soon to HD 5770, but I'm just afraid the same will happen and I'll get lower performance in games than other people with the same specs, which can make upgrading pointless.
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    There's a good chance it's because of the different OS. WinXP wasn't bad performance wise. Might also be a 32/64bit thing or simply the Aero interface of your Win7 chopping of some resources.

    And than there are background services/programs, etc. There could be various reasons...

    Anyway, a 5770 will definitely be a vast upgrade over a 5450. No need to worry about that. ;)
  2. also where the proof of his specs? Lots of these videos are trolly little b*llsh*tters
  3. wr6133 said:
    also where the proof of his specs? Lots of these videos are trolly little b*llsh*tters

    Yeah I keep trolling with my 100 year old rig all time and people are so damn jealous about it! *roundhousekicks with his 5450*

    Probably not (in this case). ;)

    People just keep forgetting how potent even low end graphic cards are these days. Just take a look at what those AMD APUs can handle at low resolutions. Sure it's low fps, but playable. Most people are just fastidious. :P
  4. Thanks guys.
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  6. that guy in the vid was struggling to get 30fps.. he spent most of the game at or around 25, while still playable not very smooth. also he was getting what looked like a bottleneck pause. if you see a vid on youtube start fraps and see if its locked off at 30 fps if it stays solid it means he's probably getting more than 30 fps while not recording but sometimes you may see a vid that looks smooth but when you run fraps next to it you see that his fps is all over the place. its just being hidden by the conversion process used to uload it to utube. but fraps will show you the true fps regardless of how the image is compressed in most cases.
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