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sir i have a Intel Gma 3100 256MB 2.0 GB ram win 7 DX 11 can i play resident evil 5
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  1. regardless you will need a gfx card and possibly a psu to power it...
    if you can only find low end gfx in your budget then think about getting a higher end older card.... a gtx 4850/9800gtx will out perform many of the more expensive low end dx11 cards and can be had second hand for as little as £30. for the psu think quality over size. its better to get a good quality 450w-550w unit over a poor quality 650w unit. 450w will power most entry level cards and quite a few midrange 1s 2. a corsair 550w £60 will be a good unit that will power pretty much everything.
    the 450 w model will cost slightly less but it may be worth paying the extra 7-8 quid... to get a much more flexible unit.
  2. As everyone has said here, you need a dedicated card or separate graphics card. Your Intel GMA 3100 can't handle the game.
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