Pc vs ps3 which is better in online gaming

which is better for online gaming ps3 or pc

if a man have 2mbps connection but its facing lag on pc so what about the ps3

which is better for less bandwidth .

sorry for my bad english.....!
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  2. The PC is better at any speed. Are you sure the lag isn't because of your system specs? Maybe your CPU or video card isn't good enough for the game you are playing.
  3. It all depend on Your internet i face the same lag problems on my Pc ,xbox ,and Ps3 and its my crappy ISP. i think consoles would be better in Speed since everyone has the same Network adapter installed on their consoles nobody has an advantage over hardware only ISP
  4. 2Mbit of bandwidth isn't much either. If someone tried to stream video while you are gaming, you'd probably lag.
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