Hot T-Bird 1.333

Sorry if this is a well worn question.

ASUS A7M266 motherboard with the T-Bird 1.33 and a StarTech Copper Base Aluminum Fins 7K rpm rated Ball Bearing fan.

The Latest ASUS Probe is installed.
It informs me the CPU runs 52-53deg C when using only WinMe and programs such as Paint Shop Pro and Word 97.
The motherboard is running 30-32deg C.

Any input from you knowledgable people as to my ignoring the 53deg C or replacing the cooler?


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  1. 53C is fine for max load...but those programs you mentioned are NOT pushing your CPU to max load. People around here
    seem to trust SETI to push for max load condition. personally, I like to execute several programs and an intense 3d game, go on-line and play for an hour, then tab
    over and see what my temp is.

    I'm not in touch with my feeings, and I like it that way!
  2. Well I answered your other post but I also have a 1.33 tbird with a thermoengine and 7k fan. I get 49-51 idle and 53-56 full load. Depending on room temp. If I do my little case trick and house fan I can get it as low as 51 under load runs fine and I can't really improve my case too much more without having to spend bunches of cash.

    Personally I am happy with temps of 52-56 under load. Everything works great and I have no problems. I say if it works groovy.

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  3. Hi, I am new here and regarding the question and replies.
    I just got my my new 1.33Ghz Athlon a few days ago and is
    using a Alpha PEP66 Heatsink with a 7k rpm fan but my idle
    temperature as reported by the BIOS and Asus PC probe is
    60 deg Celcius and at full load of 66deg celcius.

    I'm using the new A7A266 mb and was wondering how do i lower the Temperature to below 60deg celcius.
  4. A7M266 with 1.33Ghz running at 32-35C consistently even under max load. Using Koolance water cooled case with fan cooled Sparkle Power Supply unit (unlike the one tested by Tom's Hardware last week). I'm sold on watercooling now.
  5. Next to impossible to get a decent watercooler here in
    Malaysia. So if anybody knows where to get one here
    at a decent price, please share the info.
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