60 FPS for games under my settings

I want to have a constant FPS of 60 even when there are multiple people in towns, I have lots of mods installed, w/e.

that said I don't need AA, FXAA, or shadows. (the only things I want to look their best are things close to me honestly)
I want to play on 1900 x 1080 on a 24 in monitor.
I want to see people at the maximum distance possible. (even if they aren't very detailed)

What would you recommend considering the above?
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  1. Hi :)

    A £500 graphics card...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Well I'm sure the CPU matters as well?
    Only one monitor as well.
  3. Max distance is relative to draw distance and how the developers made the game. Plus, what is your budget?
  4. games as in your running skyrim? then you want a 560ti /6870 to max out the game and a decent quad core running at 3.0ghz or better.

    but in citys you will get fps droop as the game is badly optimized for 4 threads. it does use em but sometimes it hangs on 1 and 2 causing the game to stutter. especially in larger citys and entering a level.
  5. Eh I have trouble finding games I don't want to play vs ones I do want to play.

    pretty much every FPSMMO/and single player game, single player RPGS (the only mmorpg I'll play is guild wars 2.... and MAYBE elder scrolls online), if a newer civilization or sims game comes out, probably try those...

    I'll need a 560 ti to run skyrim even with shadows AA and FXAA turned down or off?
    Much more hefty game than I thought...

    I was planning to get a 560, non-ti version.
    I figure if I go for the ti version I might as well get the 570 since they are nearly the same price...
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