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ok hello i brought battlefield 3 yesterday but only got to play it today. I played it for a while then it crashed and said that it lost connection to the server.

anyway after that it goes to 0 FPS every 7 seconds for one second. i have tried the fix where you edit the registry for windows 7 to put the "parked" cores to 0 i did that but nothing.

my specs are:

Acer Predator G5900

nvidia gt 330

intel core i7 870 @2.93ghz (as it came)

i have tried putting the settings on low but it does nothing and i even put the resolution down to 800x600 but still nothing. im playing on 1920X1080. it plays around 30 FPS respectively. please help.

Bye the way when i get my Gainward GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448 Core Limited Edition:

will it still stutter?
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    Your new card should fix that when you get it. That 330 doesn't even qualify as a basic gaming card
  2. +1, the 330 just about manages to push an image to the screen, the 448 560ti will be a lot better, medium-high.
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  4. wr6133 said:
    Your new card should fix that when you get it. That 330 doesn't even qualify as a basic gaming card

    Hey i downgraded to the 296.10 drivers and it's not doing it anymore but im on low. i will get the 560 ti 448 in about a month! :D
  5. AHH, i get the same thing on a gtx470, if i've watched a video since reboot the fps drops to really low levels, its the difference between 10 and 60. 296.10 does not do it, but 301.24 and .42 both do it.
  6. For the record. I spend a good few hours going through this so I'll spill my info for those so you don't have to.. I still haven't found a fix.

    AMD FX 4100 Quad / ASUS Sabertooth 990FX
    16GB Corsair Dom
    MSI GTX550 TI 1gb -

    I have tried drivers:
    275.33, 285.38, 285.79, 296.10, 301.10, 301.42, and I'm now on 304.79.

    I only get stutters in Multiplayer.
    I see alot of cpu activity running bf3. alot. almost peak on all 4 cores.

    So I'm narrowing down possibilities.

    I've tried every in game rendering code as well as every suggested combination of settings. I updated bios for motherboard and all drivers. I'm also on an ssd. I have played this before flawlessly with my system and all of a sudden I'm getting the stutters when I reinstalled the game to play it. ..... Bullshit.

    Stuttering every 3 steps. And mouse lag as well if you are in a tank or something hard to lock on when it moves after you do. Ruins Battlefield 3 for now.




    I hit and gave my connection here in the studio a speed test.
    I'm limited to 1.4 mbps down. and my up is higher. So I'm thinking this is where the problem may be, and possibly being worse as others are on the network. I only achieve 5.0 mbps right next to the hub on my mbpro. I'll be getting a brand new ethernet patch to see if I can get rid of the stutter and hoping its from intermittent lag due to bottle neck in the cable. (It has to be older Cat5)
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