Top 10 video game music tracks?

What are your top 10 video game soundtracks?
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  1. Top 10? No idea. But Alan Wake has to rank right up near the top. The way they used music in the game was almost at an emotional level. Excellent use of music.
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    Awesome thread idea

    Here are mine in no particular order


    Metro 2033

    Heroes of Might and Magic 3

    Shogun 2


    Halo 2

    Halo Reach

  3. Those are all great sound tracks that I thoroughly enjoyed what about some of the older game though. Like Star Fox 64
    and Magic Rising
    Keep them coming guys it doesn't have to be the absolute best it's your top 10.
  4. I'm more old-school so it's the CMB64 SID symphonies for me!!

    composers such as Rob Hubbard, Ben Dalglish, Martin Galway

    and games such as Delta, Commando, Monty on the Run, The Way of the Exploding Fist
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