AMD T-bird 1.4Gz

I have an AMD T-bird 1.4Gz, Asus A7M Mobo, volcano II cooling and 256 mb micron ddr ram. Can I overclock my system? If so, what would be a safe setting in which my processor doesn't risk any instablilty or heating problems. I just want a bit of a performance increase.
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  1. lol Good luck ! You o/c 1 ghz or 1.2 which have the same stepping as your 1.4 and will more than likely do the same top speed. be happy with your (cpu) stability
  2. Yes you can.
    Its best to increase the FSB in oppose to the multiplier. You can overclock as high as your system can POST, then run some benchmarks to test its stability. Increasing the voltage can help with stability.

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  3. I have the same system as yours buddy, but I got 512 ram on it.

    Toejam or any other experten,any help greatly appreciated.

    Note: Im a complete newbie into this OC'ing insanity, kindly speak retardese so I can understand ;)
  4. I don't really like the Volcano II for cooling on those hot CPUs, but depending on your current full load temps, you could probably get some overclock going. the trick is to increase your FSB slowly, maybe 3-5 MHz at a time and check your system for stability under full load with some benchmarks. Watch your temps all the time as well. If the temps get too high ot you lose stability then back it off or increase the voltage by .01 volts and check stability again.

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