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I am putting together an AMD based system and would like to hear from others on which heatsink is best. I am planning on either a 1.2 or 1.33 266mhz chip. I am interested in ease of installation (less risk of ruining processor), cooling ability and noise. I was leaning towards OCZ Gladiator. Any other suggestions?????

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  1. I use the Millennium Glaciator. CPU temps never exceed 7 degrees over case temps even under full loads.

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  2. Definatley a Silverado from NoiseControl. They cost a pretty penny though.

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  3. BobbyBuffalo,

    The ThermalRight SK6 is taking the AMD ranks by storm.

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  4. I have the OCZ gladiator and am VERY happy with it. Not only is it a coolong monster but it installs easier than any heatsink ever.

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  5. I don't know what is the best, But i suggest that you NOT get an Alpha PEP66T. I am using it for my 1.33Ghz Athlon and
    I am getting a teperature of 60deg Celcius to 66deg Celcius.

    I got it because the shop recommended it to me and said it
    was the best they have, Yeah right my foot.
  6. This is a very hard question to answer. The SK6 is a great heatsink with a delta attached, but without it, it's only decent. The OCZ gladiator is the same way. The glaciator provides good cooling with lower noise than the delta, but keep in mind it weighs ALOT, so if you plan to move the computer at all, it may be a bad choice. This is definately not a LAN party heatsink. I'm currently using an OCZ gladiator with the black label delta and it does the job pretty well. But if you really want the best, you'll have to go with the swifty and slap one of those 80 cfm 80mm delta fans on it. You may go deaf, but I gaurentee you'll have the best air cooling money can buy.

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  7. Well personally, Ive been checking out reviews on many HSF combos, and I have yet to find anything I would replace my OCZ Gladiator with. On my 1.333 it maintained temps of 43 idle and 45-46 loaded out in a cramped case. Since I switched to the 1.4 however, Im getting 44-45 idle and 48-49 under load (all nighterz playin UT) and you can add on another 2-3 degrees when I overclock the 1.4 to 1.5. I used to be neurotic about the temp difference, but hell, it is a different chip than the 1.333, and I dont have stability trobule until I overclock. I dont think thats from the heat though, since Sunday, i accidentally stuck a screwdriver into the stock hispeed fan of the gladiator while changing fans with the system running (i wanted to test a stock AMD/Delta 60 x 15MM to check temps) and the blades went flyign everywhere. I am now stuck with the Gladiator and skinny delta until my black label 38cfm comes (hoping its not as loud as people say!) My idle temp is 49-50 and loaded is about 58, and my system remains stable. Anyways, I love my gladiator, its an impressive all copper doodad, and mounted over a copper shim and OCZ Quicksilver paste it gave good temps with the stock fan. You wont regret the purchase if your running a 1.333.

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  8. The delta 60mm is as loud as people say.

    I noticed little difference (due to pitch) between the 80mm delta and the 60mm. The 60 has a really annoying whine to it.

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  9. I have a ThermoEngine with the Delta fan, and it rocks. Not many people have idle temps of 25 on a 1.2@1.33
    It's a pain to install, but most people only do it once.

    The SK6 is also very, very good. It's just expensive.

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  10. I ordered the thermaltake 60mm fan on Friday, 31cfm at 28db, my Alpha Pal with a 60mm Delta on it is around 30-32C idle, and 42-45C loaded. I'll let you guys know what the difference is when I get this fan.

    Got it from www.so-trickcomputers.com

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  11. Honestly, the heatsink is probably the least of the worries in my opinion (excluding Zalman and Thermaltake orbs). Cooling is dependant on case cooling and cpu heatsink fan. Any, and I mean ANY decent heatsink these days will cool effectively with a 7k Delta fan on top.

    But the Delta is very loud. Delta does make a lesser version of the 38cfm 46.5db fan, at 30cfm and I think it's 42db. Thermaltake makes a 60mm fan at 31cfm and 28db, and Sunon, Sanyo Denki, YS Tech, and Evercool make similar fans at around 26-28 cfm, and high 20's to mid 30's for db.

    So the real question is what is your noise tolerance??

    Personally I can't stand my Delta fan, and I'm willing to drop a few hundred mhz of my overclock to replace it, without suffering too much heat rise.

    If this Thermaltake fan doesn't cut it, then the only real option that I see for a high end Athlon, and a quiet pc, is Watercooling.

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