Play pc and ps3?

i had a friend of a friend tell me that he made his pc able to run ps3 games, in which his computer runs so much faster than a ps3 when he plays cod he is a second or two faster than the other players and he wrecks hard. Is this possible?... cause i know i have died to people who come around the corner and kill me before i even know they are there, which i usually rule out to lag but can he really do that?
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  1. In PC gaming, the specs are stronger than console gaming. Also, it could be ping. The lower the ping the faster you can hit someone. Also, make sure with your own eyes that he is able to play PS3 games on his pc. It's possible to mod or use some type of software.
  2. Hi :)

    I dont think its possible to play PS3 games on a PC...NOT AT ALL...I suspect his friend is fibbing or bought the PC version of the game...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. the PS3 games has its own scripts/programming codes that only used for PS3 hardware/OS, and theres no emulator/app that run PS3 games on PC, anywayz the High-End PCs for COD games you get more than +250fps in gameplays and if the pings are at the lowest its the best online gameplay you'll ever have.
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