Fraps Recording choppy at times

I have a question about fraps latest version retail. I am trying to record full size video with 2 channel sound. Usually it runs fine and then every 30 secs to a minute it jumps up and then catches back up and it's fine. I thought it was my write speed on my HD maybe. I did a Hard drive speed test on my HD's and I got a average read and write speed of 200 MB/s. I have 2 1TB Western Digital Blacks in Raid 0. Is this enough Write speed for Fraps Full size video with 2 channel sound? Is my overall system specs capable of recording this flawless?

The games I have been trying to record were Battlefield 3 and Batman Arkham City.

My current specs are the follow:

Corei7 930 overclocked to 3.6
6 gig OCZ Platinum 1600 ram overclocked to 1800
2 1TB HD in Raid 0
XFI Titanium PCI Express
Asus Motherboard
2 GTX 480 EVGA Super clocks in SLI

Any help would be much appriciated
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  1. Quote:
    OK, i have a very similar rig to you , with 480 SLi with a 4500mhz 2500k.
    I record to a seperate harddrive (RAID array)
    And my OS is on the SSD.
    Even though in my video it is smooth, i still get around 10fps less than without recording.

    This is my single 480 tearing it up in BF3...

    I am recording to the same raid array my windows 7 is installed on. Could that be the issue? Also What fps are you recording at? Do you record with sound or no?
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