What's the best CPU/MoBo Combo?

I'm new to overclocking, but want to learn. I going to be a freshman in college so I need to get a new computer. What cpu and motherboard combo should I have in a pc? I want to be able to type reports and also play games on the computer. I also want to overclock it and put mods on it. Do any of you have any suggestions on what type of comp I should purchase? I want it to be powerful yet affordable. THANKS!

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  1. DEFINITELY the new Abit KG7-RAID if you're looking for options. It'll make your head spin, trust me. $189 at the cheapest, not out quite yet.

    It's a socket A, which means Athlon. Get a T-Bird 1.2/266 or so. A lot of people will tell you to get a 1gig AXIA, since it overclocks well. Also a sound choice, probably better since you're interested in overclocking.

    Make sure you read plenty of HSF reviews before picking one out. I did, and I'm grateful.

    If you're interested in case modding, the two most important things are
    1. Cheap
    2. Easy to work with
    I say cheap because you can start over easier.

    Make sure you get a good PSU, you'll want it. Enermax 365w or something similar.

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  2. I had an Asus A7V133 that overclocked an AXIA 1.33Ghz AMD very easily and you can go up in 1MHZ increments from the BIOS. I'd go with watercooling. My Koolance case rocks (unlike the one reviewed by Toms Hardware)and is very quiet for the speeds I'm running at. All I have for fans running are the chipset and powersupply now. MOBO temp 34C and CPU 48-49C. I'd go with the 1.33Ghz AMD with that Y stepping. Can't remember the letters now, something like AJHYA or something like that. I got mine from www.newegg.com for around 138.00 and just asked them for that core. Koolance is coming out with a higher end water cooled case for overclocking in a couple of months. Good luck and have fun.
  3. You can get the A7V133 right now for 98.00 on www.newegg.com

    This board also has onboard Raid0 controller. It really is a sweet board.
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