What's an xbox 360 original 69GB worth?

Hey all.

I have an original xbox 360 that I never use and I wish to sell it, the problem is I have no idea what they are worth.

Can anyone give me a rough idea of what they are worth?
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  1. A brand new xbox 360 (slim) goes for around $200 (4GB). The new 360 is RROD proof though! If it's a basic bundle with one controller and a couple of games consider yourself lucky to get maybe $100 for it.
  2. If it did not get a RROD or has not been refurbished you can sell it for a little bit higher.
  3. It's probably not worth selling, who knows maybe I will feel like a round on GTA4 one day.
  4. electronic are almost never worth reselling you will not get what you want out of it most of the time.
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