Old topic I know...Cpu temp = 56 C is too high?

Again this is regarding the computer I'm building for a cousin.

CPU temp reads 56 deg at its peak (so far). There is the usual intake fan and exhaust fan. I added one of those squirrel-fans that plug into a PCI slot which is another exhaust fan. The temp dropped maybe 2 deg C. So what next?
It has the standard Cooler Master DP5-6H51.

Do I really need to buy her a $30.00 heatsink/fan combo? I think one of the problems is that the Chassis layout just isn't very good for circulation. The IDE cables and the Video card look like they would restrict most of the incoming air flow to the processor.

Any suggestions? I would like to get her at least in the mid 40's without spending anymore than necessary. Her bill is already up to about $1850.00.


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  1. below 60 is good...

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  2. $1850 is a pretty penny for a system. Are you going to tell us what the processor is? :)

    Get a better HSF, it'll help. Also look into rounded cables. They can be bought for $6 each <A HREF="http://www.bestbyte.net" target="_new">here</A>. I bought some, they're definitely worth the price.
    Plenty of people will tell you to just make your own, though.

    And look into some more powerful fans maybe. I don't know what you have now.

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