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TL;DR- I have a desktop that I'd like to remote into to play video games over a 1 Gbps switch. Critical factors are low latency and graphics performance (3D acceleration).


I have a desktop (AMD 5850 GPU, i7 stock 3.07 GHz OC to 3.8 Ghz) set up with a dual monitor configuration. I would like two users to be able to use this machine to simultaneously play video games (lofty goal, right?). I'm ok with upgrading the hardware if that becomes a bottleneck, but I have bigger hurdles to tackle first.

I know of no solution where two users can use distinct input devices (i.e. two keyboards and mice) to be logged into their own session on a physical machine. If this exists, that'd definitely be the easiest solution. I could simply dedicate one video output to each session.

My next thought, assuming the dual input solution is impossible/impractical, was to use a remote desktop connection to a small nettop (Home Theater PC running XBMC) that is capable of 1080p video. The CPU is an Atom, so I can't simply use this machine as a standalone gaming rig.

So my real question is this: Is it possible to configure a remote desktop session between the two machines, so the main PC does the processing and the nettop is simply tasked with rendering video? Not only would this solve my issue without purchasing additional hardware, but it'd be really cool :)

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to your thoughts.
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  1. back in the day I believe you could do this with program called x-32

    this way about 4-6 years ago

    Not sure if same holds today, or perhaps there's better alternatives available
  2. Thanks AntiZig. I did some digging and found X-Win32 (, which I'm assuming is what you were referencing. I haven't gotten a chance to see how well it performs though.

    Thanks for the suggestion!
  3. Although this is not a solution available right now, you might find this interesting:
  4. here's a link to the download of that software mentioned in the techreport
  5. I know this an old post but I suggest SoftXPand 2011 Duo. I'm using it right now on my pc and it costs 50$. On my old athlon II X2 245e I can even run 2 L4D2 on 1280x1024 res on med. settings. It doesn't have any performance issues or anything...
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