Gta 4 graphics adapter problem. help!

hey guys, i have a 560ti trying to run gta 4 WITH THW ICENHANCER 1.3 MOD
without this mod, everything is great, all high specs, perfectly smooth, high fps, awesome. then i added this mod, and im getting around 30fps, and its super laggy. i ran the in game benchmark, and for some reason it thinks i have an nvidia 9600 gt graphics adapter. i have all my drivers up to date, and directx installed so i cant figure out the problem. anyone know what it is??

i5 2500k oced to 3.8 ghz
560 ti pny oc edition
12gb of ddr3 RAM

cpu and gpu are watercooled.

any suggestions would be appreciated! :D

EDIT: no matter what i set the specs to with this mod, i still get the same fps and lag!
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  1. look in the games install folder and see if theres a d3dx9.dll is so move it out of the folder and try running the game...
  2. there is one labeled "d3d9.dll" and without that the game wont even run.
    any other suggestions?

    ...oh by the way i just received my second 560ti yesterday in the mail and i have them in sli now but the same thing happens.
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