HD problems-trying to boot from win7 dvd but cant

I am having issues with my hard drive, the computer doesnt seem to recognize it to boot into win 7. I'm trying to boot from the dvd but it is not working for some reason.

everytime i start the computer instantly goes into a memory test, when thats done it allows me to change bios settings. So i set my dvd drive as the first boot option.
I then restarted (went through another memory test) and then it said it was 'booting from disc'.

The first windows 7 screen i get is an "install windows" diologue box to choose language/time/country.
the next window i get asks to either install windows or repair windows, i chose repair.
next window- "system recovery options" here i have two options, 'use recovery tools to fix problem starting windows...' or "restore computer using disc image created earlier". I go with the first option since i never made a disc image but it asks me to select my operating system and there is none listed, so it asks me to Load Drivers.
This takes me to a windows explorer screen to navigate to the drivers media, i choose the dvd drive but this opens up the file structure of the disc, i dont know exactly what to do here other than maybe the 'setup' file..but i dont know if thats what it is looking for.

I am just trying to boot into windows or do a chkdsk
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  1. ok i got to the command prompt and did the chkdsk command and though it said it had no errors, i also got this message-

    "failed to transfer logged messages to the event log with status 50"
    -note that the chkdsk lasted about 1 second, dont know if that means nothing actually happened.

    i then typed 'chkdsk c:' and got a message about not having sufficent access to the volume, i didnt write the exact message down.
  2. You say
    "I'm trying to boot from the dvd but it is not working for some reason."
    "The first windows 7 screen i get is an "install windows" diologue box to choose language/time/country."
    So the first statement can't be correct as you have reached the install screen. That's what the Windows disk is for.

    What changes hardware or software were made if any between when W7 was working and when it failed to boot? any error messages?

    You can read the Microsoft article on repairing the boot sector using the W7 disk
  3. ya im new to dealing with this, i guess i thought i could use the dvd to boot into my windows on my hard drive.

    the recent change i made was this- I recently tried adding a second hard drive, another sata drive. when i started the pc with it added i hit a blank black screen and it never booted into windows. i restarted a couple times but never got past the black screen. After this I disconnected the additional hard drive and restarted. that is where im at now. I also tried resetting the cmos jumper.

    the hard drive is listed in my bios but all its values are listed as 0. and anything i attempted to do with the win 7 dvd such as CHKDSK seemed to act like it couldnt even find the hard drive

    thanks for the link ill check that
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