Looking for the name of an Old Console Platformer. Please Help!

I can't remember the name of an old console platform game that I played when I was younger. I am pretty sure that it was a sega genesis game but it could be from an earlier console. The main thing I remember is that you started the game as a young boy in a tunic type outfit. The first level was a grassy environment with a blue sky and huts that you could go in. The game then alternated to an underground cave type level where you gained a full set of armor. I have been looking for a while and I can't remember the name of this game for the life of me. Help!
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  1. crusader of the centy?
  2. Nope that's not it. This was a left to right scroller like sonic or mario.
  3. hmm was it beat 'em up type of game? well even then I'm not sure which is it

    let me know if you ever find out
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