Exact ending of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Call Of Pripyat for me

i helped Beard gave him the compass artifact and all, but didnt catch nimble the thief. Got the achivement courier of justice, mutant hunter, detective and squad leader and recruited monolith fighters into Duty. But when i went to the tunnels no made it out alive all died solokov, vano and others. And i also helped the scientist completed all their quests. gave basic work tools to nitro. and then didnt give them anything. and i dont have 500000 RU. Please tell me which ending will i get
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  1. With a saved game in hand, head on in there, guns a-ready and see --> my way ;) ......or cheat and google the endings (damn you - don't do it)
  2. i deleted all the saves.
  3. aaaargh! how did you do that?...ok - don't are you at the point where you can't go back to previous zones (been a while since I played this).....if yes, you have nothing to gain from our input.

    Head on out there with all guns...etc..etc....(but do save
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    it is very heavy going in there, enjoy.

    Are there even multiendings, can't recall. but I do know that you can carry on if you save before the final setpiece.
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