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I have been having a couple of issues with steam which has just started happening, Basicly steam doesnt remember anything I do in any game, For example when playing compnay of heroes if I start on mission 1 and finnish off at mission 5 when I restart the game mission 1 is the only one thats listed even though I finnished at mission 5, Although my saved games work but its still annoying that I cant start off where I finnised on level 5.

Another example is of any character I create likes of mount and blade napoleonic wars when I create a character then start the game back up im back to the default character.

The other issue I have is games like empire total war and shogun 2 basicly what happens here is when I finnish off a mission the game crashes which just recently started happening this issue is very annoying.

Any help on any of these issues would be greatly appreciated as these problems are leading me back to consoles :(

My specs if this helps is

cpu AMD Phenom II 945 3.0 gig Quad
gpu ASUS 5850 1 gig
psu 600 Watt OCZ
ram 4 gig ddr 3 (3.25 usable)
motherboard Gigabyte MA77OT - UD3P
500 gig hard drive
os Windows 7 32 bit
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  1. You should contact Steam, it seems it's game-related and they should look into that.
  2. Are you connected to the internet all the time? I know if you try and play Steam games offline you run into all kinds of different issues.
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