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So I recently purchased Saints Row the Third on Steam, and downloaded it and everything was good.... Until I loaded it up. The game runs at what I'm estimating is 15 fps, even on the lowest settings, and nothing I do seems to help it. My rig is as follows:

Processor: AMD FX8150

GPU: EVGA GeForce 570HD

16 GB G.Skill RAM

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

I have tried updating my drivers, I have tried running on DirectX 9 instead of 10 & 11, I have played on every setting in both those modes, and the result is always the same
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  1. Maybe try turning the resolution down all the way to the lowest possible setting, then make it windowed mode and adjust the size of the window until it is playable.
  2. It never becomes playable. It sticks to that low of a fps down to the lowest resolution
  3. We have the same GTX570 but mine runs 60fps above @ 1080p and never lags. That's weird for your PC acting like that. Have you tried reinstalling the game again?
  4. I've read some bad reviews of the new AMD CPU's like the one you have, mabye that's whats causing the lag? I can't say for sure though... But then again the game runs at around 30fps on my PC (Ati Radeon HD 5770, 3GB of ram and an AMD Athlon X2 245) so i doubt that's the cause.
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