What do ya'll think of the Swiftech MC462A for AMD

I'm most likely going to purchase an AMD T-bird 1ghz or 1.2ghz and I want to overclock. For those of you who have them, are they worth the money? Does it live up to all the hype? What would be your second choice?

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  1. Way too much money...2nd choice would be the Millennium Glaciator.

    I want to die like my Grandfather...in my sleep...not screaming in terror like his passengers.
  2. Well, i have one and it's the best of its class!
    But price is a little heavy (I got it for free so can't complain)!
    Consider the price of 90 w/out shipping, you may want to consider these choice:
    1. Spend 30 more and build yourself a water coolign unit
    ($25 for radiator from car part shop transmision cooller, another 35 for waterblock, 50 for pump + storage
    and 20 for the rest of the little crap)
    2. Go for some other great heatsink if you're a little scare of the water cooling stuff! (Thermosonic Thermoengine i saw over at www.2cooltek.com is about 32 w/out shipping and the preformance is not bad!

    Good luck!
  3. I got one and it rocks ... but beware, bad casing ventilation could seriously hinder the performance ... when the air inside your casing is at 35-40C, then don't expect your CPU to be at lower 40s ...

    I know since I still plan to add a fan on the site (I have no space behind CPU) but still my CPU NEVER got over 55C under heavy load (wich is pretty much) with a closed casing and air temperature reaching 35C (outdoor). I made a little test opening my casing a puting a desktop fan besside my tower ... my cpu dropped to lower 40 under heavy load (Half-Life for an hour and a half).
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