100% when idle.

I am using core 2 duo E4600, P5QL-CM, xfx 5770, Cooler master extreme power 500w, 2X2Gb Ram(transcend) Running on windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. My problem is that my cpu clock shows 100% and Ram shows 34% when idle. Sometimes it does not really effect the performance but lately its really effecting the performance. I can't even play FIFA 11 at max resolution. Please help me.
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  1. em... can you verify that 100% is really hardware interrupt? You can check it via process explorer by sysinternals.. it is free and valuable software
  2. screen shot from process explorer or task mgr please. PE is better though.
  3. hmonitor didn't show any overheating or over voltage.
  4. enemy43 said:
    hmonitor didn't show any overheating or over voltage.

    Temp and voltage have absolutely nothing to do with cpu load, other than it's effects on Cool n Quiet/Speed Step.

    What does task manager say is using up your cpu resources?
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    Are you looking at the system idle process that will be as close to 100% if nothing running, this is normal.

    Try running" hijack this" and see what it reports back as iffy.
  6. If your CPU usage is up at 100% then your system isn't idle.
    Did you recently upgrade your Windows7 to Ultimate?
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