Are these specs good enough to run DotA 2 at max settings?

Hi, I'm wondering if these specs will run Dota 2 at high settings. Because I'm planning to buy a budget video card (GT440) and replace my aging 8400GS.

Processor: Pentium Dual Core E5400 2.70GHz
Video Card: Nvidia GT440 1GB GDDR5
Resolution to be played at: 1366x768

With a resolution of only 1366x768, is it enough to run Dota 2 at max? Thanks.
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  1. hi, at that resolution you'll probably be fine, except for the anti-aliasing options, which you might have to turn down or turn off completely.
  2. If you could squeeze a little more on your budget try grab the GTS450
  3. can i run dota 2 lowest setting? E2180 2.6ghz OC Asus gt 630 2gb ddr3 2.5gb ram what fps?
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