Best Max Payne 3 Deal?

I've been looking for a good deal to buy Max Payne 3 as i don't want to pay the full $60 price tag, i found a couple of websites in the UK(not sure if i can mention their name here so i won't) that ahs the game at 25 GBP which is a good price for me but one does not sell to my country(Egypt) and the other have the game boxed and i am not sure if they have the service where they open the box and mail you the key.

Anyway i was asking here if anyone knows somewhere where i can buy the game digitally at a reduced price? in the range of 25 GBP/40 USD/30 euros and thanks in advance.
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  1. not even a week after release? I seriously doubt that, buddy
  2. I saw it for $15 in some russian game stores but word is the game has region lock to avoid the conversion of rur to usd :(.
  3. yes, because in those countries $60 is half a monthly salary for minimum wage worker
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    @rvg 90
    They sell the serial # in our county for the same price and sometime lower, check it.
  5. It's great to see fellow egyptians around :D, great link there but it's a bit late i bought it off pcgamesupply for 45% which is 270 EGP, more than double the price provided in your link :(, i'll surely buy games from there after that and thanks again :).
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