Cheapest decent CPU and Mobo Combo

Title says it all. I am not too interested in ultimate speed, and want it to be around $100-120usd for both. I want it to host a game, and will not use it (my other machine is a PIII 1gig).

Sorry if i wasn't clear earlier, I changed it to read 100-120 US dollars.
Just need it to be pretty quick, with the most overclockability, least problems, and stable. I will consider both Intel and AMD, the Celeron and the Duron. Thanks for any help.

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  1. get a 1 ghz amd atholon and try to make sure it is axia then over clock it to a 1.4

    seens your not going to play games on so your not concerned about noise that should be okay

    also look int to getint a 700e p3 that you can put and jump the bus up to 133 and end up with a 933 this might be your best route becuase intel system are easrier to set up and are more stable with out a lot of tweaking to them more often

    you might want to look into some ecc ram

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  2. AMD Duron 750MHz Socket A
    Abit KT7 (socket A, VIA KT133, UDMA66, AGP 4x, ATX, 3xDIMM)
    256MB 133 CAS 2 SDRAM
    Fujitsu MPE3102AH 10.2Gb (UDMA66, 7200rpm, 8.5ms, 2mb
    ATI Rage Fury Pro - 32Mb, AGP 4x
    Creative Sound Blaster Live! 1024
    Iomega ZIP 250 internal ATAPI
    Floppy Disk Drive
    Duron socket A cooler
    15" monitor
    Midi Tower case + 300W power supply
    LG CD-ROM 40x

    I priced this system for a friend who wanted to spend even less. I think the whole thing came in at about £550.

    The CPU was about £35 and the mobo £100.

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