Xbox 360 Elite 120GB or Xbox 360 Slim 4GB??

Hello, i m planning on buying an xbox 360, but i dont know which one to get. They don't have slim 250 GB in the shop i want to but, otherwise i would go for that one.
Should i buy an xbox 360 slim 4gb or xbox 360 elite 120gb??

Also another question, can i use wireless internet on xbox 360, since i only have an Wireless USB internet which i have to install on my PC, can i use it on Xbox 360??
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  1. get the "slim 250" has built in wireless and is more reliable.
    Why do you want to get it form a specific shop will amazon not suffice?
  2. 360 slim 4gb is also wireless...

    unless u plan on install games to your hard drive to slightly increase loading times...

    i would go with the 4Gb... u can stream music and video to the 360 so easily...
    and with MSFT new cloud service for game saves, i never use my hard drive...

    get the slim model thou, not the old gen elite... slim is more reliable
  3. slim is more reliable, but with the 4gb version some features in games my be disabled. But it is an easy upgrade to the 250gb slim. And the 250gb slim does not come with the 4gb's of flash memory.

    So a round about way to answer your question. Get the 4gb Slim.
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