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First off - I game on my 1440p Dell monitor.

Second, I run a 560 Ti.

Third, I have been looking at the 7970.

I know that it is considerably more power, and that I do run a high resolution. But Will my moderately-trained eye be able to notice a huge difference in graphics from this switch? Or will it be very small. Is it Worth the money, is what I am trying to say.
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  1. If you don't want to spend so much money you can get the 7850, which is fairly cheaper and can run any game nowdays maxed out.
    I would say the 7970 is a huge leap from the 560 Ti (or any other version of the 560) and totally worth the money, but it should be your decision wheter to buy it or not, since it's your money that is being "spent".
  2. First off, a 7970 is overkill for your resolution

    Second, what's your other hardware (most importantly CPU)? If your CPU can't handle a high end card, there's no real reason to upgrade.

    Third, if you look at a 7970, you should rather look at a GTX 670 as it's more bang for the buck, but also upgrade your monitor to a 1920x1080 display, see: "First off".

  3. Sorry, i was unclear, I meant 1440 x 2560. I have an i5 2500k.
  4. chking on benches make you more considered with the choice you're about to make, and might save you the money, BUT if i were you i would also chking on the new series of Nvidia's GPUs and their prices...
  5. pcgamer19923 said:
    Sorry, i was unclear, I meant 1440 x 2560. I have an i5 2500k.

    Okay, that's an entirely different beast to handle. The switch to a GTX 670/80 or 7950/70 would definitely be noticeable at such a resolution.
  6. if you can afford a 7970 then why not get the gtx 670 it will give more power for the same money...
    well actually a little less if you shop about the cheapest 7970 i can see is £335 while the cheapest 670 is £307...
    but as above has said you need a decent monitor with a minimum of 1920/1080.. reason? if the screen is to small your cpu will have to work harder as the gfx throws way to many fps at it... thus more chance of a cpu bottleneck on a system that wouldnt normally suffer from it...
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