stable speeds with g-force 3

just wondering what speeds your g-force 3s are running stable ????
my elsa 920 been running @ 225/520 for 2 weeks now with no lockups but would like to know how far it'll go
i read somewere the 3.8ns memory is suppost to be good for 550 is this true!!!
by the way using std heatsink/fan with slot/pci cooler to help cool it
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  1. you will be able to push the ram a bit more... 550 is a bit high with standard cooling... but you should be able to push it past 520...

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  2. Mine elsa is running at 230/530, any higher I get artifacts when the pcs been running for a while. (makes the room hot)....I need to buy an ac unit heh. it will run at 240/540 but any higher and artifacts are permanent....but Ill be damned if I use a hammer to crack the ram sinks off a 370$ videocard.

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  3. I have an OEM MSI card that I bought from fry's for 99$ It's a gf3 ti200, which I took off the heatsink and added a crystal orb and memory heatsinks (also from thermaltake). I have oc'd it to stock ti500 speeds and it's been running nonstop (with heavy use) for about a week. I am very impressed!
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