Low fps x-men origins wolverine?

Hello folks, I am very concerned about something. I have the sapphire radeon hd 7870 oc with an i7 2600k and I only get 22-50 or so fps in this game at 1920 x 1080 max settings with 6x FXAA(with FXAA injector)!!Shouldn't I be able to destroy that game easily with my specs?! Why is that?! Please help me out with this.
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  1. fxaa is not native to your GPU, so it's possible that you're taking a heavier hit to your fps than nvidia gpu would
  2. Thanks. Similarly though, it's 22-35 with 4xEQ MLAA. I'm sorry, I recalled incorrectly with the FXAA. It was actually 30-52(not much better)... Maybe there's some type of bug with the 12.4 amd drivers? I don't know but that is frustrating though.Take care
  3. possible, try 12.3
  4. What does it perform like without 6x FXAA? When ever you use non native settings, you never know what will happen.
  5. Thanks.
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