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MayPayne 3 not loading up on PC..

So i have bought max Payne 3 off steam and when i go to run the game it gets stuck at the loading screen and then i hit enter and it says it crashed has anyone else had this problem. All my other games work perfectly fine ie Mass Effect 3,Skyirm. Has anyone else ran into this problem and fixed this?

My PC Specs

Intel i7 2600k 3.4ghz, 12gb ddr3 corsair vengence, gtx 560ti 1gb pci-e,win 7 ult 64 bit
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    the game works perfectly from steam. the hacked version has this issue but i cant tell you how to fix it as toms doesnt condone piracy...
    if you can show me its legit (a screen shot of it installed on steam) then i will tell you how to get it to work in a pm.
  2. ok ill send u a screen shot of it one second
  3. Sorry how do i send a screnn Shot on here never done it before?
  4. @HexiT what is ur email? i will send it through there
  5. nvm check your inbox i PM you the screen shot
  6. got it and replied. i hop it works because thats the only fix i know of for that issue...
  7. I have the same problem! Please, tell me what to do.
  8. i dont think it worked as he never replied. to the pm..
    best go to the steam forum and ask...
  9. I had the same problem. Make sure you have an internet connection and than neither windows nor third party firewall are blocking the game. Then, let the launcher update the game, and in the loading screen, hit start to open Rockstar Social Club. If it doesn't open, that is the problem, Social Club is closed. Try reinstalling it. And, of course, create a a Social Club account.
  10. I don't own the game on Steam. I bought on an online brazillian game store named Nuuvem (I'm brazillian btw).

    The first thing that the game asks me to do is to press "ENTER" before the very first loading screen, then it says "Iniciando" ("starting" in english) and it never stops. It looks like it's loading but it's not.

    What I understood by what luquiboyn said is that , by pressing "ENTER", a RG Social Club login screen should appear. I'll try redownloading RG Social Club and see what happens, then I come back here and tell you

    Thank you, guys
  11. I can't unninstal RG Social Club without uninstalling Max Payne 3 as well. And I already tried reinstalling Max Payne 3 many times, so that's not the problem.

    I am contacting Rockstar Games too.
  12. I wrote to Rockstar on Saturday, and I solved my problem by myself and I havenn't received any answer, so good luck :)
    When you press enter, does it appear a little message of Social Club on top right of the screen?
  13. No, it doesn't
  14. So that was exactly my problem. The game doesn't load because Social Club is not started, so you can't be logged in. I've solved it, but I'm not sure what was the reason. I only change some visual settings with RadeonPro, and sometimes it fails again, but I don't know which one is causing the problem.
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  16. We do not support software piracy on Tom's Hardware.
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