The best & quietest AMD cooler?

Hey guys,

What would you say the best (most effective) and quietest cooler to use on a 1.4ghz amd processor (not overclocked). I'm looking for something that doesn't generate a LOT of noise, but is also powerful enough to cool the CPU properly. Is there ThermalTake Volcano II enough? Or is it worth it to go for something like a Noisecontrol Silverado?Thanks!
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  1. I just installed a ThermalTake Volcano II on my
    1.2 at 1400 and it has yet to go over 50 deg.C
    Nice and quiet and is as cool as the Swiftech
    MC370A with the squeeling Pabst fan on it.I only
    paid $4.99 from my computer buddies with a discount.
    I scraped off the thermo pad and used a scotch brite
    pad to shine it up and RadioShack paste.So for the
    money I dont think you can go wrong with it.

    Rock out with your AMD out
  2. If you are desiring both high-end cooling and quieter than the Delta38 screamer your choices are few. Here are my top 3 recommendations:
    1.) Millennium Copper Glaciator
    2.) MightyMachine (a Thermalright SK6 variant)
    3.) the NoiseControl Silverado which may be a bit short on cooling power for 1.4 MHz.

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